Our Mares


Charro, a June 2007 filly, is a Chocolate/Black Blagdon, with white splashes on her withers, base of her tail, and on her belly.

By Clononeen Poitin and out of La Reina Gitana.

She should mature to 14+hh. La Reina is 14/1.5 and Poitin is 15.1hh.

She is built like her mother. She will be a heavy mare with that nice apple hind end. She has straight silky feather and mane.

Charro has started driving. She has that golden Retrevier temperament that is so sought after in this breed; she is an absolute love.

Dancer Cash

Dancer is a 2002 Gypsy mare,  sired by Clononeen Royal Cash, and out of Clononeen Spancilhill.

She has given us two great colts, Tango and Fandango. She is a very kind mare and an excellent mother.

She's great on the trail and a smooth ride.




​Gitana is a 2005 filly by Shogunner, out of La Reina Gitana, and has taken us to the Grand champion level at some local all-breed shows. Judges have stated they can not fault this mare. She is still growing and a treat to work with. The importers from which we purchased her mother sent us the following e-mail, "If you ever want to sell her, I always have clients looking for fillies of her type, color, bloodline, and quality, so let us know!", however, she’s a keeper.

UPDATE! Gitana took a Blue Ribbon in her first all Gypsy in hand class at the Pomona Draft Show, September 30, 2007. Thanks to Julie Picot, for her tranquil way of training and taking us to this level in hand and driving.

San Diego County Fair June-July 2009. Gitana proved herself as a great ambassador for the Gyspy breed while she was at the County fair. She melted the hearts of everyone that visited and was a great teacher of the breed’s wonderful docile and loving nature!



Kimberly of O'Malley

Kimberly is a 2002 Gypsy mare. Her sire is O’Malley, a Ster Stallion in the Netherlands, owned by Irish Tinker Stables.

Kimberly’s eyes are like those of a doe and she has a loving and gentle personality to match.

Everyone falls in love with Kimberly and wants to purchase her, although she is not for sale.

Kimberly’s temperament shows why these horses are treasured so much by the Gypsies. She has given us two great colts, Senon and El Gitano Grande.

La Reina Gitana

​​La Reina, (Aka Halleberry, or as Sid from England called her Pacer) is a 2002 Gypsy mare. "La Reina Gitana" means "the Gypsy Queen", and that she is, with all the other Gypsies. But with us she is like a lovable puppy. She comes to you like a well trained pet; but this is her nature. La Reina is our traditional gypsy. She was bred by and comes from the Gypsy people in England. She has tons of feather and hair. She has as much feather as most proper stallions, and passes this on to her foals.

She and her daughter (Gitana) were allowed to free roam around some folks whose lives require the use of wheel chairs; they came to see the Gypsys. I will attach a photo to show how they socialized with these folks and spread what we call Gypsy Love.

She has given us three beautiful fillies, Gitana ,Charro ( the kooche-kooche girl )and Isabeau.

MEMC Sparkling Plenty

Sparkle AKA (Chispa) is our newest addition to our Morgan line.

She comes from great bloodlines and has that temperament that is so common with the Morgan horse.

Chispa has a lapdog disposition, beautiful conformation and color. She has been started under saddle with no hesitation and is a very willing learner who loves to explore.