In Memory...

Van Helsing

​Van Helsing (Jelle van de Badwei), our beloved Friesian Stallion, who possessed great conformation and a pet personality, was very willing to please and was always thinking ahead of the task he was asked. Van leaves a legacy of beauty, strength, compassion and personality- please visit our "Van Helsing" page to see more about this incredible stallion.


"It's very hard to put these words down in print, because it means it's real. We lost the most gentle soul today to colic. Van Helsing was a horse that touched many people. He was loving, always tried to do whatever was asked of him, a perfect gentleman at breeding...


RIP my beautiful boy, you were taken too young from me, and I will always love you."


Valerosa Condesa

Morgan Mare. Sired by Lasiter out of Triton Patti Vee. Very old type Morgan, with the true temperment that has made the Morgan known as a family pet. See her first foal “Valeroso” arrived May 17, 2007.

She is a very special and loved member of our family.


After a long evening, into the night, morning and early afternoon, we had to put our beloved Condesa beside her sister Cara. Only 3 months prior we lost her to the same type of colic as Condesa today. We now have the entire family within sight of each other, Dad, Mom and sisters.

Apache watches over them all. Friday July 13, 2012.


It is with over whelming grief and sorrow that we said goodby to one of our beloved mares today, Cara. She apparently coliced during the night and when we fed this morning was down. After administration of Banamine and call to the vet, and his evalutation, it was determined that the best thing to do for her was to let her go.

We are still grief stricken and, literally numb. She was a wonderful member of our family for nearly 17 years, great mother, and always tried to please. The is a hugh hole in our hearts, and the only peace for us is that she is with her dad, Lasiter.

Cara, we will take care of Apache for you until you call to him – RIP my love. 3/8/12


Apache, (April 24, 1985 to May 16, 2012) Frank’s Exhibiton horse. He was the best trail cutter, lesson horse and babysitter. This picture was taken in 1996 at Film Director, Budd Boetticher’s Bloodless Bullfight arena Located at San Diego Country Estates. The following year La Garrocha, “the Dance of the Pole” was introduced at the Night of the horse at Del Mar.


Cara called her beloved Apache home, today. He quietly went to visit all the members of his original herd to say his good-byes and walked into the round arena and laid down for his eternal sleep. Our hearts are breaking, but we know he’s with the love of his life now, and they are running free. RIP sweet prince.

Uncle Roy (Roy Rogers)​

On April 23, 2011 we said goodbye to our beloved Uncle Roy. Although he gave most people heart failure at his size, he had the biggest heart that we have had the pleasure of living with for close to 14 years.

In his final moments, Roy was surrounded by very special people and we thank them for their gentle way for his departure.

We have a very big hole in our hearts, but we know he is now with Harley, and the Brown Brothers are running free!


Foundation Morgan, sired by Valient Minuteman, grandsire Waseekaâs In Command.


Lasiter was finally laid to rest on August 24, 2007. Although he is no longer with us, he left behind two beautiful daughters, a gorgeous grandson, and next spring we will have the blessing of yet another one of his grandbabies.

Run free my love, until we meet again!

Triton Patti Vee​

Our first Morgan Mare. Patti (aka “Mamma”) was the best companion one could ask for. She never refused a difficult trail, or “babysitting” all the yearlings, or ponying her grandson, Valerosa. She had the biggest heart and most willing nature, true of the Morgan breed.

We lost Patti January 24, 2008 to peritonitis, and though she is sadly missed, she leaves behind her beautiful daughter, Condesa, and grandson, Val.

When you see him, give my love to Lasiter, Mamma.



Harley... We can’t say how much he is missed.

Harley adopted us. He climbed into to our hearts and will always be there. He loved his foals.

We will never forget you buddy.

Corazon del Gitano

Gitano was our First Gypsy (Aka Merlin). The short time he was in our lives, it was he who opened a new door for us. And a new passion (Gypsy Horses). He stood a proud 15.1 hands, and was going to be a big Gypsy.

At 19 months Gitano died. He tried to hang on, but the pain was too much for our little guy and his heart failed. Thanks to all at Helen Woodwards for everything they did.

Thank you Gitano for being with us, you still are.
If you click on his name you can see Gitano with his La Reina and Dancer. Gitano has the Heart or ace of spades on his right side.

Brandy Lynn

Our little Brandy, a sweet little lady, who followed her daddy dog, (Jake) all over the ranch to find that fresh gopher hole and waited patiently with her dad.

She lies next to her Daddy (Jake).


Mav was my shadow buddy (always in my shadow).

He lies wear he laid when I would set up the horses feed. So every morning I can tell him "good morning".

He was my good O" Boy.
Stay with me little buddy.

Daddy Dog (Jake)

Daddy Dog stayed with us for 16 great years. He was a hunter and he loved going for a ride, even if it was just around the block so he could bark at the goats.

He fathered 7 great puppies, 3 that stay with us. Brandy, Mav and Jack.

He loved those little white donuts that I would slip him when Georgi wasn’t looking, during morning coffee.

He rests next to his daugther, Brandy Lynn.
Happy hunting my friend.

Black Jack

Black Jack was the first of the litter. Georgi said she was going to keep him and we did.

He was a smart little guy, although he was 120lbs, (not so little). He’d send his brother Maverick out 1st when I had the rope in hand, not wanting to play round up. He was the one that always wanted to get away.

You couldn’t win an argument with him, he always got the last word in, just before he’d lay down.

I sure do miss him. He was a happy boy.