Where it all began...

It all started about 45 years ago when two kids fell in love and dreamed of growing up, getting married, and having a horse ranch.  And, with the exception of some time apart due to a military tour in Vietnam and both of us marrying then divorcing other people, and then reuniting, that's pretty much what happened.  We now have been married 30 years and make our home in the beautiful "Valley of the Sun", also known as Ramona, California.

One of the first breeds that we fell in love with was the Morgan Horse.  Frank had the pleasure of being introduced to them when he was stationed on the East Coast and introduced me to them when we purchased our first Morgan mare, of which we still have a grandson and granddaughter from.  In 2003 Frank's desire for horsepower turned to motorcycles and he talked about getting another Harley Davidson.  After a few months of discussion, I came home to find a picture of a beautiful black and white stallion on my kitchen island, and asked, "What's this?", and Frank said, "If we can get one of these, I won't ever ask for another Harley!" -- and thus the Gypsy horse was born to us.

We have imported top quality horses from England, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Our first import was a beautiful stud colt of 13-months old by the Bishop from Germany, and our second purchase was a coming 2-year old mare from England with lines back to The Old Horse.  These two were to be our foundation stock, as we were interested in providing different blood lines than that which was already flooding the USA.  Sadly, at 19-months of age we lost our colt to a torsion, which obviously set our breeding program back.  We had purchased 2 mares, both in foal to ITS Thunder, so we elected to wait for the deliveries to see what we were blessed with.  Our girls provided us with 2 outstanding stud colts, one of which is now our breeding stallion, Senon. 

We also produce Gypsian (Friesian-Gypsy) crosses and Moriesian (Morgan-Friesian) crosses; blending the best qualities of both breeds to make a wonderful sport horse.

​With all of our breeding programs, we strive for quality in conformation, temperament and blood lines.

Our horses are our family, and we strive to make the perfect union with a new buyer and one of our "kids".

In memory of Louis "Frank" Greiner | May 1, 1951 - August 23, 2018



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